This is an unofficial site dedicated to the great Aliko Dangote who has been a source of inspiration and confidence for millions of Nigerians and African. He is a self made billionaire who has made a fortune in the cement and other manufacturing industries. His ability to take calculated risks and capitalize on opportunities has helped him to the Forbes list of billionaires from nowhere.

I am not an African but have lived in Nigeria for almost 15 from 1982 to 1997. Ever since I left Nigeria, all I have heard in the news is of sufferings and a downward trend in the progress of the nation. But Aliko Dangote has been a shining star in looming smoke. He has took on challenges and has beaten them by the shear nature of trust that he has had in his country. I too belong to the cement industry and am heading the Information Technology wing of a leading cement company in Asia, so I understand the challenges that a cement company faces and especially the competition it faces from the big guns in the industry.

This site shall contain all the material that is available on Alhaji Aliko Dangote, a true genius and a possible richest person of the world. A dedicated video section containing all the video clips available on the internet is also developed for those who want to hear the great man speak including a complete lecture which he gave in June 2012 at Lagos Business School and his interviews to CNN and press conferences.


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  1. Sanoussi BAH

    we are the fulani of guinea and we suffer a lot from discrimination and racism from the dominant mandingo. we are killed and jailed daily. pls help us!

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